Your North: Best reader photos for the week of August 7 – North

The long weekend has passed, and it brought with it another helping of fantastic photos from across the territories. Take a look at your best photos of the week from Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories:

An incredible landscape over Whitehorse, Yukon was sent to us by Jennifer Hackwell earlier this week: ‘A hot summer day was followed by a thunderstorm. The storm passed at sunset and the moisture in the air turned the whole sky gold. No filter used – it really was this colour! The photo overlooks downtown Whitehorse with the Yukon River in the bottom-left’ (submitted by Jennifer Hackwell)

Out for adventure! Danielle Koop sent us these shots of her (and her pup) on a hike to Samuel Glacier, in Northern B.C. (submitted by Danielle Koop)

It’s early in the season, but the aurora are out there! Bill Braden snapped this shot over Yellowknife in the early morning hours of August 5. (submitted by Bill Braden)

Catch of the day! Lanita Thrasher sent us this shot of herself hauling out a big lake trout at Hornaday Lake, N.W.T. earlier in August. The photo was taken by Maya March. ‘Nunavut hills in the background and standing on N.W.T. sand,’ she wrote. (submitted by Lanita Thrasher)

Time and concentration. Kyle Sears sent this great photo of an unusual stone cairn he photographed near Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. Imagine the work in building this one! (submitted by Kyle Sears)

After the rain: Wendy Pryor sent us this amazing look over Yukon’s Lake Laberge, taken last week. (submitted by Wendy Pryor)

‘Mission Island is good for the soul,’ writes Alicea Sanderson, who took this incredible shot from a culture camp on the N.W.T. island. (submitted by Alicea Sanderson)

That’s a big siksik! Andy Anowtalik sent us this shot from Arviat, Nunavut, after his cousin came across the new friend. (submitted by Andy Anowtalik)

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