Will County Forest Preserve to give glimpse of ancient Illinois

It is several hundred years in the future and the travelers are ready to depart.

In one instant, the machine vanished from the sterile lab and reappeared in a steamy swamp, beads of condensation streaming down its metal doors, which whoosh open. The travelers file out one by one and marvel at the towering club mosses and ferns as if they were skyscrapers, each step squishing on the ground. No need for helmets — the air is breathable, but with a high oxygen content that causes insects to ballon to unimaginable sizes.

An eight-foot long millipede called Arthropleura scurries past and slithers up a tree to nibble its pine cone-like seeds

Believe it or not, if time travelers dialed the clock back 300 million years ago, Illinois would have had a similar environment, according to scientists.

On Saturday, Southland residents can examine…

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