Why would anyone use a landscape gardener?

Most people like to think that they are capable for tending to their own gardens.  That much is evident by the queues at the tills in popular garden centres up and down the country as soon as the sun starts to shine.  Most people also do a reasonable job, trying to make the most of what outdoor space they have got with the money they have.

Imagine though, a garden that gives you the WOW factor.  One that adds value to our home, makes your garden useable in ways you didn’t think possible and lasts for many years to come.

This is when a landscape gardener comes into play.  The services that they offer include sectioning gardens into zones, placing fences and plants in strategic positions to allow you more privacy, laying a lawn, planting flowers that will give you colour all year round, decking, patios, lighting, heating and much more.

Our gardens are effectively another room, but outdoors.  Even if your garden is very small, or even just a yard a landscape gardener can do wonders with it. For example, if you live in a small terraced house you may wonder what a landscaper could do for you. The answer is quite a lot!  You could create privacy using plants and small trees in pots.  A little fencing, lighting and heating round a seating area means you have your own entertaining area all year round. If that isn’t right for you, how about getting it laid to lawn and planting flowers.  With the right flowers, even the most basic and small garden can look wonderful all year round.

Should you be lucky enough to have a bigger garden, then you really can go to town!  Many landscapers will zone off your garden according to what you want to use your garden for.  A patio or decked area outside French windows leading to a beautiful lawn with a path to one side which lead to a separate entertaining area, sunk into the end of the garden offering maximum privacy.  Fencing, trellis and strategically places trees can make even the most exposed garden private.


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