When to visit a Psychiatrist in Kolkata

A psychiatrist is a doctor who possesses an M.B.B.S degree from a recognized institute along with higher degrees or diplomas with specialization in psychiatry. Different surveys shows that that a there is a crying need of the psychiatrists in India. The ratio in between psychiatric patients and doctors is very poor in this country. This stream of medical science deals with psychiatric diseases like, schizophrenia, psychosis, anxiety, depression etc. The psychiatrist not only knows the human psychology as well as neurology properly but also understands the use of scientific medicines. Thus, a psychiatrist becomes a specialized doctor in the field of psychiatry.

Myths as well as misconceptions are there in Kolkata as well as in India regarding psychiatric problems. Identification of the psychiatric diseases becomes the prime factor to get proper treatment. There is very least awareness among the mass in the field of mental health. Even the educated person fails to find out the psychiatric symptoms in a psychiatric person. There is a myth that there is no treatment to the mental problems. A doctor only can treat the physical problems, not the mental problems. This situation is diverting the chances of getting psychiatric treatment provided by Psychiatrist.

There are government mental care hospitals in West Bengal as well as different parts in India. Private nursing homes specialized in treating mental patients also provides these types of treatment through its indoor and outdoor services. Many agencies are there those provide mental health care to the psychiatric patients. Visiting a Consultant neuropsychiatris in Kolkata, a psychiatric patient can get effective treatment. Thus, treatment option is there, psychiatrists are there, patients are there, only a few misbelieves are diverting the whole process and in return the patients as well as their family members are suffering badly.

Psychiatric problems when becomes more complicated, the family persons still…

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