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Buffet breakfasts, cocktails by the pool and gelato for dessert…ring any bells? 

Indulging in your summer getaway is something we all have in common. By the time we touch down back home, many of us will be feeling the effects of over-eating, over-drinking and no exercise. 

Alex Woods, nutritionist at Quest Nutra Pharma, has revealed how she gets her body back in shape and gives her health a boost once returning from a vacation.

Ditch the caffeine 

As difficult as it is, I have to ditch coffee and tea first thing after a holiday. As caffeine dehydrates, it robs the body of essential minerals and causes excess glucose which contributes to fat storage. Cutting out caffeine also avoids that immediate but short-lived rush of energy. By saying no to your morning cuppa, this helps to reduce the chances of the infamous ‘fight or flight’ response, allowing you to keep a steadier energy level for the rest of the day.

If you really need your caffeine fix (yes on occasion I give-in too), have one midmorning without milk or with a dairy free alternative like oat, almond or coconut milk. Try to avoid cow’s milk as it has been found to have inflammatory effects. Oat milk is my personal favourite. 

Citrus flush 

To help me get back into my usual routine post-holiday, I switch to a healthier morning habit of having a mug of warm water and lemon. Lemons are alkalising and water is detoxifying, which is essential to hydrate all our cells”, tells Alix. A glass of warm water and lemon helps to aid your digestive system, soothe your bowel functions and is a rich source of vitamin C. 

Healthy snacks 

Snacking is important as it maintains my metabolic rate and staves off awful hunger pangs, which can sometimes lead me into temptation. The key is to snack often, but ensure that you are eating healthy snacks in small portions. Midmorning I have a small handful of nuts which are a rich source of protein, helping me to stay fuller for longer. Mid-afternoon I like have an oat biscuit or…

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