Watch Out For Your Diet! – Cancer Causing Food

Have you ever questioned what type of food can hurt your liver, kidney or heart? Have you ever thought of asking yourself, “what are the kinds of food should I consume each day?”, Or you may know these however, you just don’t bother. People often act like this – they understand it’s bad for them nonetheless they take pleasure in it. As the saying goes, “We find real pleasure in doing bad things”. Now, we want to inform one another about the food we ought to avoid to not turn into a victim of cancer.

Food type#1- Food with hydrogenated oils

Oily foods are definitely not beneficial to the body. Any sort of food that has hydrogenated oils isn’t good for your health. What exactly is hydrogenated oil? It’s a type of oil heated up in the presence of hydrogen and metal catalysts. This procedure was created to lengthen shelf life; on the other hand it simultaneously produces trans fats which ought to be disclosed on the label if the food is made up of more than 0.5 grams per helping. Precisely how does trans fat contribute to someone getting cancer along with other diseases? Trans fat promotes heart disease; what’s more, it disrupts metabolic processes and might cause abdominal fat that obstructs the organs and strains the heart.

Many food manufacturers will, not surprisingly, not inform you of this information on the product label, and if you are only consuming food with trans fat, your body organs and system will develop diseases and you’ll be a prime candidate for cancer diseases.

Food type #2 – Foods with Sodium nitrite

Many food manufacturers include sodium nitrite to certain foods for different purposes. Such type of chemical is added to processed meats like hotdogs, bacon and any other meat products that need reddish color to really make it look fresh. Simply speaking, your favorite breakfast processed food will make you sick! Long time ago whenever people used to process meat, they merely used salt to control the smell and help keep the freshness of the meat. It…

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