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Imagine being overcome with grief and personal tragedy. Imagine only leaving your bed to go to work and then anxiously awaiting for the workday to end so that you could return home to bed. Diana Liberto can. Diana was overcome by grief and personal tragedy when her father died tragically, two weeks later her uncle also died tragically and her mother suffered a heart attack shortly thereafter.  

Diana realized that life’s circumstances had paralyzed her and she knew she needed to find a way to regain her once active life. She hired a personal trainer she had previously worked out with to walk with her before work in hopes of rebuilding her energy level. A few days into her morning walks she noticed that she was feeling significantly better and was pulling out  of her personal darkness. This caused  an idea  to enter her head that kept her up at night…what if walking could help heal other wounded hearts and inspire the human spirit. 

Diana learned first hand that as Greek physician Hippocrates  said, “Walking is man’s best medicine.” The comfort she found in walking, talking and listening led her to leave her Fortune 100 career and launch WalkMyMind. WalkMyMind’s mission is to motivate people to movement through walking by engaging the mind, body and spirit. To bring the healing and creative power of walking to everyone. 

WalkMyMind can improve one’s physical and mental well-being, health, productivity and creativity. It also creates connections and fosters engagement. And it does so in an all-in-one App. The App features a seamless combination of both fitness and podcast apps all in one place. WalkMyMind is presently a customized corporate engagement program that provides entertainment, education and corporate communications via “Walkcasts”, audio books, live-walks, and live-talks.   Additionally, WalkMyMind hopes to bring together a community of walkers, thinkers, listeners and talkers to share stories, learning and recommendations….

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