Video Conferencing – The Most Affordable and Reliable Way to Communicate

Till last decade, people used to travel from one point of the earth to the other for business conferences, meetings, etc. This was expensive, time consuming and inconvenient. But now, executives can enjoy the comfort of their own home and still be a part of any business conference or meeting which is conducted thousands of miles away from them. Thanks to Video conferencing.
There are several video conferencing tools which are available on the internet. These tools can help you to conduct video conferences at lowest cost possible. Some of the examples are- iChat, Skype, Mega meeting, Adobe acrobat connect and more. You can download anyone as per compatibility with your computer. The most important part of video conferencing is not the software, but it’s the hardware.

Let’s take a look at some of the devices which are used for video conferencing

Web cam or video camera

This is the most important device required for video conferencing, as this device generates the video input. You should opt for a camera which offers HD 720p output, and crystal clear images. Camera should be able to perfectly capture and transfer high resolution images.


You can opt for a computer monitor, TV set or projector to display the video output. Most of the companies opt for a projector, as it is already a part of their conference room in most cases.

Audio input devices

These devices capture the audio input and send it to the video conference processing unit or computer. You can select from a wide range of micro phones available in the market.

Devices for audio output

In most cases, these devices are a part of display units like projectors or TV sets. However, if you wish for high quality audio output, you can opt for Dolby digital speakers for conference rooms.


Computer functions like the head for any given conferencing system. It gathers input from various devices and transfers it using the telephone network or the internet connection. It also receives input and sends it to the…

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