Video Conferencing Systems – Bring the World at Your Finger Tips

Airlines from around the world have reported a huge drop in the number of people travelling in business class in last 8 to 10 years. There are many reasons behind this decline in number of business travelers. Two of the most important reasons are recession and video conferencing systems. These days, almost every company has some or the other video conferencing system installed in their meeting room.

Let’s take a look at some of the equipment necessary to conduct a video conference.

Computer with internet connectivity

Almost all the video conferencing require a computer and high speed internet connectivity. You should opt for a computer with minimum 2 GB ram and the latest operating system for hassle free conferences.

Video conferencing software

You can download video conferencing software using the internet or you can install it using your computer’s DVD drive. There are several free and paid video conferencing softwares available these days, you can select software based on the features and other requirements that you are looking for. Some of the most popular softwares are- Cisco, Mega meeting, Skype, IBM conferencing, Google, etc. These days most of the organizations around the world use Skype because of its affordable rates and user friendly features.


Camera is the most important device in the video conferencing system as it generates the image and sends it to the computer. There are hundreds of video conferencing cameras available in the market; you should opt for a camera which offers high quality/ HD video output. If you have a huge budget for video conferencing system, you can opt for a camera which can be operated with the help of a remote control.

Microphones and Speakers

A microphone captures the audio input from the conference room and sends into the video conferencing system’s computer. You can select a microphone from hundreds of brands available in the market. You should opt for a microphone which offers echo cancellation with HD/ Stereo…

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