HOUSTON – Our Verify team is tackling another coupon spreading on Facebook.

Have you seen this one? It claims Dollar Tree is giving away coupons for $100 as part of a Memorial Day promotion. It looks legitimate, but is it?

Our fact checkers reached out to Dollar Tree but haven’t heard back yet. However, they found several red flags.

First, if you click on the link to the coupon, it requires you to fill out a survey – a common phishing tactic used by hackers to get your personal information or spread a virus on your Facebook page.

Also, if you visit Dollar Tree’s website, Facebook and Twitter accounts, there is no mention of the promotion.

Similarly, a fake coupon surfaced for Dollar Tree last year. The only difference was that bogus promotion was allegedly to celebrate the store’s anniversary.

Our Verify team labels this one false. And remember: if a coupon on Facebook looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Dollar Tree website

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