Vegan, vegetarian trend hits Lincoln – NewsNetNebraska

Story, photo and video by Wellesley Michael, NewsNetNebraska

Although more Lincoln restaurants are working to serve the dietary needs of vegan and vegetarian customers with specific menu items, catering exclusively to these diets has opened a niche market in the food industry.

According to the 2016 Harris Poll, 3.3 percent of Americans follow a vegetarian, no meat, or vegan, no animal products, diet.

The Vegetarian Research Group (VPR) estimated over 7.5 million US adults follow at least a vegetarian diet. Although vegans/vegetarians are still in the minority, the VRG also found that 55 percent of people were interested in ordering vegetarian meals when eating out. This proves there is room for a vegan/vegetarian market within the restaurant industry.

Small Lincoln businesses are beginning to reach out to this growing clientele by opening restaurants specific to…

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