US Navy Commissions New Warship in Pearl Harbor to Counter ‘Chinese and Russian Aggressiveness’

The new warship “is the embodiment of America’s resolve to protect our homeland and defend our allies,” the U.S. military’s most senior officer in the Asia-Pacific says.

The U.S. Navy commissioned the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS John Finn at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, on July 15 under the auspices of Admiral Harry Harris, the head of U.S. Pacific Command (PACOM).

“This warship is the embodiment of America’s resolve to protect our homeland and defend our allies,” the admiral said during his remarks. The new 9,140-ton USS John Finn, a multi-purpose surface guided-missile destroyer capable of conducting anti-air warfare, anti-submarine warfare, and anti-submarine warfare missions, is PACOM’s latest asset to fight “the many forces of darkness” in the region including “forces like North Korea.” The admiral added.

“As long our Commander-in-Chief and the American people have an insatiable appetite for security, I have an insatiable appetite for the tools to underwrite that security – to deter, to dissuade and, if necessary, to defeat and to destroy our adversaries,” the admiral continued. “Make no mistake, capabilities like the magnificent machine behind me will do just that.”

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In a tweet, U.S. President Donald Trump said that the USS John Finn, “will provide essential capabilities to keep America safe. Our sailors are the best anywhere in the world. Congratulations!” During his election campaign, Trump promised to build a 350-ship fleet, which would require doubling the U.S. Navy’s current shipbuilding budget.

“In my opinion we can’t get our most advanced assets here fast enough. As North Korea’s recent ICBM test demonstrates… as Chinese and Russian aggressiveness grows… as ISIS tries to gain a foothold in our region, USS John Finn couldn’t come to the Indo-Asia-Pacific at a more pivotal moment in our nation’s…

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