Update from San Blas Islands Cruises experience

So great to be back in San Blas. What a great month we have had too. I know you were all following with baited breath the movements of Latina Lady Lu as we brought her down from Honduras to Panama, and then from Bocas del Toro up the coast to spent some time ‘kitting out’ at Green Turtle Cay Marina, near Portobello. Thanks to all my friends for keeping in touch.

Have done several trips this this month, taking in Holandes group, Coco Banderos and Isla Verde, Waisaladup (well paddled girls!). Also Cambombia with its placid if not limpid anchorage, conches and crazy resident family with about twenty children (no TV i guess….what else could it be?) Have taken the ‘Big Lady’ to a ‘new’ anchorage, right in close to the beaches of western Naguargandup cays for the most amazing night, and the morning brought the well known ‘Lisa’ in canoe (ulu) togther with her highly detailed Mola creations. Real art.

Would love to have you aboard, since this incredibly spacious boat is working so very well for our scoot around the islands trips! Who doesn’t love the deck shower! after a good snorkel! And of course the huge fridge freezer! Still managing to get lobster at this (the wrong time) of year..so the food is good. Right now its generally overcast but little rain. So always really warm but never cooking. Water clarity has varied but just this last weekend we all saw the most fish on the reefs since february.

At the moment i am moored, kind of as a base, just off Nalunega, which is my favourite of the populated islands. People are well ‘turned out’, brightly dressed and take a pride in keeping their island tidy. I am anchored off Hotel San Blas, very humble, but is in fact the very first of the Kuna Hotels as they call them. It was established about the time of the Kuna uprising in 1925.

Actually Nalunega is a good base, I have a top team of Kuna guys here,who can quickly collect you by Lancha from Carti, El Porvenir, or Achuerdup, Ikodup (Carti Homestay) or…

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