Two Training Apps Join Together to Focus on Swings and Brains

From a focus on refining a swing to preparing a brain, Tuesday’s announcement of the integration of two baseball training apps—Diamond Kinetics and Axon Sports—gives this new “family of apps” a more far-reaching training platform.

Diamond Kinetics CEO C.J. Handron said allowing players to train their swing and brain seamlessly, the new platform offers a “distinctive solution that also showcases both the quality and foundation of each company’s continued technological development.”

In the Diamond Kinetics’ SwingTracker Baseball mobile app, players get measured on 11 metrics across speed, power, quickness and control. Six of the metrics routinely show up in camps and showcases—such as max barrel speed, impact momentum and max acceleration—while the remaining five serve as teaching metrics, valuable to improve a swing, such as hand cast distance, distance in the zone and speed efficiency. SwingTracker also turns the metrics into 3D models to reinforce the data.

The Axon Baseball app helps players recognize pitches more accurately and faster, helping train the brain for split-second adjustments. By progressing users through 20 levels of pitch recognition, the app first has users establish pitch type within the first 20 feet of the pitch. Once a user reaches 90 percent accuracy in the opening levels, the app then adds in trajectory recognition and speed awareness. An app spokesperson tells Baseball America that players can see drastic improvements with 1,000 reps per month, so Axon helps up the reps by making pitch recognition available in the car, the hotel, before bed or anywhere.

Axon uses a variety of different pitchers, allowing the user to build skills across varying handedness, height, release points and types of pitches thrown. The app bullpen includes three base pitchers and a feature pitcher, who rotates throughout the year. Users can also join groups in-app and compete against their teammates.

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