Twin Savannah physicians pull double duty to deliver ‘hurricane babies’

If you’re into figuring out the odds, this story should be a brain twister for you.

What are the chances that twin sisters from Tennessee would end up graduating from medical school from the same college and then go on to practice in obstetrics and gynecology in the same clinic in Savannah?

And, not only do they practice together, but they’ve also delivered each other’s babies.

So, maybe a million in one odds?

And, they are about to get another shot at strengthening that doctor/patient relationship as sisters as Anna Barrett prepares to give birth to what she calls her “hurricane baby.”

And if you ask her to guess the odds of getting pregnant when Hurricane Matthew made its way through Savannah last October, she would tell you the chances were slim to none.

“It’s definitely a hurricane baby,” Barrett says. “Even though I wasn’t supposed to be able to get pregnant at that time.

“It happened right after the storm passed, when all the electricity was still out. No cable or Wi-Fi. Nothing else to do,” she adds and laughs. “Maybe you don’t want these details.”

Barrett and her twin sister Maria Paasch are OB-GYNS at the Thrive Obstetrics and Gynecology at Candler Hospital. Their motto is “a sisterhood of caring.” And when they aren’t busy practicing medicine, being wives and raising their children, they’re probably together somewhere, having a conversation where they continually finish each other’s sentences.

Barrett continues the hurricane baby story, “But, I honestly really believe the hurricane threw me off; threw me off by just a couple of days.”

She says the stress of evacuating for the storm may have thrown off her ovulation.

Paasch laughs, “That could just happen anyway.”

“Yeah, that’s true, but I still think that,” Barrett says.

Her sister gives her the side-eye and says she thinks the cause of pregnancy has more to do with the cable being out, and they laugh.

Barrett says her due…

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