Tulsa Divorce Lawyers – Understanding The Fundamentals Of Child Custody

We have all heard horror stories about a divorce case that lasted twenty months and ended up costing the spouses $220,000.00 in attorney fees.   In all honesty, divorce cases like that DO exist and YES they DO last several months and end up costing the spouses several thousands of dollars in attorney fees.

The majority of the ‘horror story’ divorces typically involve one of two scenarios: scenario number one is where the spouses own a very profitable business together and the divorce litigation involves disputes about how to value the business; scenario number two is where the spouses have children together and the divorce litigation turns into a knock down drag out fight about how to evaluate the child custody issue.

With regard to small business valuations, we will save that topic for another article.  If you are reading this article and either you or someone you know is experiencing a child custody case, then you are in the right place.  Below we have provided some valuable information about the fundamentals of child custody.

Our purpose in writing this article is to inform you and prepare you for the ensuing litigation.  Keep in mind the child custody issue does not have to turn into a ‘knock down drag fight’ and in a lot of cases, the issue is settled outside of court. 

Below is a list of four fundamental factors of child custody.  Our hope is that you will read the list below and then, after you have a working knowledge of the fundamentals, proceed to conduct independent research so that you may develop a firm understanding about the legal aspects of child custody.

Fundamental Number One:  Each Parent’s Living Situation.  The living situation of each parent is a very important factor because the children need to be comfortable whenever they spend time with each parent.

Fundament Number Two:  The Age Of The Children.  The age of your children is a factor to be considered: are the children young?  are the children pre-teens? …

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