Trump, the police and the spin

The president ripped into the violent MS-13 gang last week, and talked about crime and law enforcement and what his administration is doing about it. He had hundreds of law enforcement officers in the audience, and their applause made it clear that they were pleased the new President had replaced the old one and that the old one’s anti-police animus was gone from public life, that the war on police was over.

Trump talked about what his administration is doing to eradicate the MS-13 gang and the violence and mayhem it is spreading, particularly on Long Island, where he made the speech. He talked about the 17 young people murdered by MS-13 gang members on Long Island in the past 18 months. He went on to discuss the 42 minors in the DC region who entered the US unaccompanied in the last years of the Obama Administration, who are now implicated in MS-13-related violence, including 19 of those minors charged in murder or attempted murder.

And he talked about what his Administration is doing to slow the flow of illegal drugs coming in from Mexico, about human trafficking on our Southern border, and about stemming the flow of illegals coming into the country. He explained how his administration cuts off trade with countries that refuse to take deportees back – mostly criminals – and how quickly cutting off trade makes those countries change their policy.

He announced that ICE officers recently conducted the largest crackdown of alien criminal gangs in history, and how in just six weeks they arrested nearly 1400 suspects and seized more than 200 illegal firearms and nearly 600 pounds of narcotics.

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