Triple Talaq: My engagement with rivers is not academic or scientific but I know how they behave: Sadhguru

The tragedy of humankind is that humans are no longer engaged with nature, spiritual leader

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

told ET’s
Vasudha Venugopal
while talking about his nationwide ‘Rally for Rivers’ campaign.

He lauded the government’s measures aimed at checking tax evasion and combating corruption, which he said are akin to a mother rubbing clean the face of a child that has smeared its face with dirt. He also exhorted the Muslim community to support the government in its progressive steps. Edited excerpts:

Your campaign ‘Rally for Rivers’ has found support from a variety of
but has also been critiqued…

Right from my early years I have been close to mountains, rivers. Till the age of 17, I swam in the Cauvery every day, but today when I go to the same place I can walk across. Tears come to me when I see the Cauvery. Many years ago, from Bagamandla and Cauvery, I rafted on the river. I lived by it, on it. I became one with the river. I know how it behaves.

My engagement with the river is not academic. I am not a scientist or an activist. The tragedy of humankind now is that we humans are not engaged with nature. We are always living in concrete blocks. When I see the rivers today, they are in such a bad state. Cauvery has been a source of life for Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. It runs 170 km inland and 870 km in total, 430 km of it in Tamil Nadu.

I told farmers recently, in 25 years they will have nothing to fight about. We as a generation of people have taken the largest bite of the planet. Our children will have nothing to eat. No generation has damaged the earth like we did. People don’t believe my ideas in the beginning. They need existing reality to take the next step. But I feel if we are capable of damaging something we should also be repairing it. You will see if you do a little bit of compensatory activity, nature will catch up and do the rest.

I articulated this to the closest around me only two…

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