This year’s Atlanta Hawks should still be fun to watch

When teams go into rebuild mode, like the Atlanta Hawks have, it’s typically not the most exciting time for their fans. It often times leads to a less-than-desirable brand of basketball on the court.

Despite the likelihood of fewer wins, the Atlanta Hawks’ young core, Coach Bud’s system and potential upcoming front office moves are just a few reasons Hawks fans should be excited about the upcoming season.

Young Core

The Atlanta Hawks are clearly focusing on their young core of players. The roster currently stands at 14. Only two players on the roster are age 30 or older (Ersan Ilyasova and Marco Belinelli). Six players are under 25 and the average age for the team is 25.6 years. That should bring hope and excitement for the future.
Having a young core of guys like Dennis Schroder, Taurean Prince, DeAndre’ Bembry and John Collins provides a solid foundation to build upon. Schroder has established himself as, at the very least, a starting point guard in the NBA and still has upside to further develop his game. Taurean Prince showed flashes last season of being that true 3-and-D starter on the wing for a long time. His development this year should be fun to watch.

Both DeAndre’ Bembry and John Collins played well in Summer League and should factor heavily in the rotation this season. Bembry showcased his play-making ability and Collins exhibited NBA-level athleticism to go along with his scoring efficiency around the basket. Development of Bembry’s jump shot along with Collins’ adjustment from college to NBA competition will be key in how much impact they make this season. This being a rebuild season, they should have ample opportunity to contribute.

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Coach Bud’s System

Last season saw a bit of departure from the traditional pace and space offense the Atlanta Hawks used in previous years. Much of that was due to the presence of Dwight Howard and his fit within…

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