The Struggles in The Life of Lenny Bruce


While many people still regard this comedian as one of the most influential men of his time, the life of Lenny Bruce was not an easy one, and this just emphasizes how far he was willing to go in order to get his point across. If the life of Lenny Bruce teaches people anything, it is that the freedoms granted to the people by higher authorities cannot be toyed with; they are firm and resolute, and this includes the right to freedom of speech. After his 1964 conviction on an obscenity trial, Lenny struggled to find work almost anywhere in the city, and he would eventually find himself bankrupt because of this.


One of the earlier arrests in the life of Lenny Bruce concerned obscenity, where he was arrested when he used a particularly lewd phrase at the Jazz Workshop in the city of San Francisco in 1961. At the end of the trial, Lenny was found not guilty by the jury, but his legal troubles did not end there; the authorities kept monitoring him, and he continued to find himself facing obscenity charges due to his onstage performances. Some of the police officers would even go so far as to dress up as citizens in order to see his performances; this, of course, resulted in them being able to hear every word he spoke to his audiences.


During the life of Lenny Bruce, the comedian was not only tried on charges of obscenity, but also for drug possession. After his conviction on obscenity charges in 1964, however, he struggled to continue fighting the system and he died shortly afterwards. The good news for many of Lenny’s fans, however, was that he received a posthumous pardon for this conviction; the only man to have ever done so at the time.


One of the characteristics that professionals and audiences found so appealing about Lenny was the fact that he did not bow down to the authorities when they tried to stop him from making use of his right to a freedom of speech. Over time, many comedians started following his example, and many more feel that he…

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