The Fitchburg Public Library made Monday’s rare solar eclipse memorable (SLIDESHOW)

Maddyn and Jackson Linstruth are checking out the Fitchburg Public Library’s eclipse party. (SENTINEL & ENTERPRISE / JIM FAY)

FITCHBURG — Amanda Taylor, a Leominster resident, remembers her first eclipse.

She was visiting her grandmother in Templeton sometime in the 1980s. A ballroom dancing program was playing on the TV.

“I got to stay up late, extra-special, and we walked out. It was incredible. Perfectly clear night, everything,” she said, holding her husband’s welder mask in her hand, her choice of viewing equipment for the eclipse on Monday.

She turned to her daughter, 8-year-old Daphne Gregoire.

“I must have been about her age actually,” Taylor said.

Taylor and her daughter were among hundreds who attended the viewing party at the Fitchburg Public Library on Monday to catch a glimpse of the solar eclipse passing over the nation.

Abigal Goguen looks skyward at the beginning of the eclipse party held at the Fitchburg Public Library Monday afternoon.

Daphne was impressed by what she saw in the sky.

“Good,” she said, then changed her mind. “Great.”

She wasn’t the only one excited by the celestial event.

“The first time I looked at it: beautiful,” said Andrea Pancholi, a Lunenburg resident who came with her two children. “I got goosebumps.”

Some comparisons were more worldly….

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