The Boyd’s of “Boyd’s Antiques”: Along the Way

A longtime Antique Shop just outside Custer could soon fade into the past.
To understand why, you need to know the owners.
And if you’ve ever shopped there, you’ve probably already met them.
We meet the Boyd’s behind Boyd’s Antiques, as we go Along the Way to the Southern Hills.

Even in the flurry of a recent May snowstorm, the nostalgic yellow wood signs of Boyd’s Antiques call attention to a place where days gone by are still in stock.

Vaun Boyd of Boyd’s Antique’s says, “These are the boxes that they shipped the Butternut Coffee in.”

It’s a place where hospitality is still in style.

Vaun Boyd says, “I believe we’re the friendliest antique shop in the United States. There’s not one person that comes through that door that I don’t speak with, and talk to em, and ask them where they’re from and how long they’re gonna stay and where they’re gonna stay and that makes people feel relaxed. “

Vaun and Sandy Boyd have been married for 62 years, exchanging their vows in 1955. They raised 4 kids together.
Known in these parts for their antique shop, the Boyd’s business life began in Sioux Falls back in the 50’s

Vaun Boyd says, “We owned a grocery store, 2 grocery stores in fact for about 19 years and then I owned 2 bars owned them, sold them.” He says, “then we owned a motel for 12 years with the 1st grocery store.”

So how did they end up here? Vaun says Sandy always liked the Black Hills.

Vaun Boyd says, “So we came out here when I was 59 and this little place was for sale, so we looked at it and I said to Sandy, if you want it, we’ll buy it, so we bought it and never ever dreamed of having an antique shop here. “

But Vaun, who many call Boyd, loves old stuff and had been collecting it for fun….

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