Sujata Tibrewala, Marks Earth Day with a Nostalgia Exhibit that Brings Back the Memories of a Series of Installations She Did Back in 2012

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Sujata Tibrewala’s new exhibit shows that with passing time the abuse Earth is undergoing has increased.

About half a decade ago artist Sujata Tibrewala was in the windy city, Chicago, when she finished a series of hard-hitting installations that spoke about the ill-effects urban lives were having on the planet. Back then she hoped that with the coming years, the realization to save the earth would be more apparent and people and organizations would have achieved greater success at preserving the natural ecosystem. However, this year, in her new home in California, as she saw children and adults prepping up to mark Earth Day, a bitter irony ran through her mind to realize that five years on from the day of her installations the need and the greed to make more scientific advances has debilitated the natural balance even more severely.

By bringing back and displaying a series of pictures taken at the time she created the installations she wants to take home the point that not only human efforts seem to be falling short but there also seem to be a less than stringent check on the pollutants that are darkening human lives. The exhibit aims to show by example that the concerns of a decade ago continue to haunt, as a plethora of new ailments emerge everyday. In a bid to ensure that there no longer remains a gap between realization and execution, her exhibit shows by example that how little the world has changed in last five years.

The installations made out of sculpture paper and acrylics depict a wilting earth, crippled under the pressures of modern living. Ms Tibrewala, has aptly titled it – ‘Our Heavens Ruin The Earth.’ Another displayed artwork titled ‘Trishanku On The Pyre,’ shows earth in the form of Trishanku. Trishanku is a mythological character from ancient Hindu scriptures that, in his quest to reach the heavens in his mortal form, against the laws of nature was left in state of limbo between heaven and the Earth. The phrase is now commonly used to describe a situation where a person is left hanging in the middle, owing to his or her own personal choices. The artist powerfully brought the example to establish that in a quest to trying to live on the Earth by rewriting faulty rules of nature, human kind may be depriving themselves of the safe abode they live in.

Ms Tibrewala through this exhibit not only shows that she is a talented artist but is also a master story teller whose heart bleeds to see the beautiful planet succumb to worldly destructions.

The exhibit that will run in her studio until the end of the month is yet another reminder that the call to save the Earth is a call to save human souls. We must not ignore it.

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