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The owner of Pakist­an’s first luxe sleepw­ear, Slumbe­rGram, speaks to us about what fashio­n is to her

The owner of Pakistan’s first luxe sleepwear, SlumberGram, speaks to us about what fashion is to her

Understanding your body is the key to looking good and a trait found amongst all impeccably dressed fashionistas. While people shy away from talking about their bodies, these brave souls explain how they work their anatomies to their advantage

How would you describe your body type?

I would describe it as curvy and petite. I have defined collarbones and shoulders, but at the same time 39” of curves!

Has your body changed over the last five years?

Not drastically, but yes a few pounds here and there.

How has your style changed over the years?

Style is something that is personal and defines your individuality. I feel that mine hasn’t changed, but actually just improved.

In your opinion what is the most troublesome area?

I wouldn’t call any part of my body a troublesome area as such, but yes sometimes my thighs can be troublesome. Especially when I’m buying a new pair of jeans or pants.

How do you dress your body according to your body type?

My all-time favourite look is slim-fit jeans with a slightly loose top. I try my best to wear clothes that don’t make me look too short.

In your opinion what is the biggest mistake a person can make while dressing here?

The biggest mistake would be to blatantly imitate the style of other people without considering your own body type and personality.

Which silhouettes suit your body the most?

Anything well tailored suits my body. I don’t restrict myself from wearing anything in particular, if it fits well and looks nice, that’s good enough for me.

What do you shy away from wearing and why?

I’m very experimental when it comes to my clothes, but I’m definitely not a fan of revealing my legs and knees.

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