Spanish party disinvites German activist from conference citing her support of Israel – Diaspora

Des militants pro-BDS, lors dune manifestation.
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Catalan party Candidatura d’Unitat Popular (CUP) disinvited a prominent German ecological left-wing activist ahead of its Saturday conference because of her defense of Israel’s existence and opposition to the Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) movement targeting the Jewish state.

Jutta Ditfurth wrote in a statement to the Jerusalem Post that she was banned from participating because CUP opposed her “political positions and activities against BDS.” Ditfurth said that the pro-Catalan independence party told her: “We strongly support BDS because it opposes colonialist and racist policie… We are against colonialism, occupation and discrimination, and the Palestinian struggle for liberation is a central and decisive issue.”

The CUP seeks to secede from Spain and form an independent state.

Reacting to the CUP’s decision, Ditfurth said: “The main concern of the anti-Semitic BDS is not to criticize Israel’s policies or racism in Israeli society, but to destroy the existence of Israel. In reality, it is not just about boycotting products from the occupied territories, as many people still believe. [It rather wishes] the only Jewish state in the world is to be demonized and delegitimized for as long as it takes to attain that actual goal: its annihilation.”

She chastised the logic of CUP’s left-wing policy, stating: ” Whoever criticises BDS – i.e., does not contest Israel’s right to exist – cannot be against either racism, colonialism or discrimination. No other form of solidarity with Palestinians is possible than the adaptation of the strategy and interests of  BDS.”

The CUP invited Ditfurth in March to speak at their summit titled International Conference: Sovereignty and Self-Determination,…

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