Shots fired at Lexington Herald-Leader building among several BB gun incidents

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) – Lexington Police are investigating what caused several windows to be shattered at the Lexington Herald-Leader building.

Our news partners at the Herald-Leader say they reviewed security footage and found that the incident happened on Sunday morning.

The newspaper’s editor tells WKYT small-caliber bullet damage was found which leads them to believe these were gunshots. Lexington Police say it appears the bullets came from either a BB gun or air rifle.

Governor Matt Bevin, who last week criticized the Herald and Courier Journal, responded to the incident saying, “To me it’s irresponsible and inappropriate. Any kind of behavior of that sort against any individual or any organization is wrong. Period.”

He went on to add, “But let’s get the facts before we overreact. Too often there’s a lot of innuendo and hypothesis and people start reacting to that. I think let’s gather the facts and then we’ll take it from there.”

There were no injuries in the incident. Herald Leader Editor Peter Baniak says extra security measures are being put into place following this incident.

“Obviously our first concern is for the safety and security of the employees and the people who work in this building. It’s not just Herald Leader people who work in this building as well.”

Lexington police say there have been four other incident near the Herald Leader building that have involved juveniles using BB guns. Police say it’s too early to tell if those incidents are connected with this one.

Someone called in a bomb threat at a newspaper printing plantin London. State police determined the threat to be false.

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