Seven steps to save New Zealand by 2020



“We need decision-makers who are not scared to make tough calls.”

New Zealand is frequently listed as one of the best places in the world to live. These surveys tend to give Kiwis warm fuzzies, and I agree that we’re incredibly lucky – but it’s not all rosy.

In some respects, our country needs to get its head out the sand. New Zealand has growing issues with child poverty, the environment, immigration, and the cost of living. We need to push for accountability.

Rural New Zealand is struggling. Auckland is struggling with a lack of housing, overpopulation and traffic issues. Christchurch is still struggling to get back on its feet following the quakes.

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But this article isn’t about listing probems; I want to offer solutions. Here is how I would try and improve our country by 2020.

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1. Promote investigative journalism


Without investigative journalism, politicians, businesses, councils and…

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