Senator McCain is right: Russia is a greater threat than ISIS

Senator John McCain is right. Vladimir Putin is “the premier and most important threat, more so than ISIS.”

To be sure, ISIS represents a great threat. Fortunately, the threat is slowly, but surely being brought under control.

The Russian threat, however, is not under control, and Vladimir Putin is actively undermining American leadership abroad, the integrity of our political system, and the sovereignty of our allies.

Further, the Trump administration’s unprecedented relationship with Putin has worsened the threat posed by Russia globally.

Trump’s recent foreign trip to Europe only exacerbated the threat as well. By unmistakably failing to endorse Article 5 of the NATO treaty in his address to our NATO allies, the president swung the trip unequivocally to Putin’s advantage.

Until recently, the West has largely downplayed Russia’s military might, minimizing the capabilities of their outdated equipment and poor organization. 

Over the past few years, however, the Russian government has undertaken one of the most rapid and aggressive efforts in the world to overhaul their military, including a $720 billion initiative aimed at modernizing their full arsenal of weaponry by 2020.

While it is difficult to foresee a direct conflict…

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