Seeing singletons as a potential problem, Communist Youth League demonstrates matchmaking prowess

○ The Communist Youth League of China has been helping China’s young singletons find life partners by holding mass blind date events.

○ Government blind date organizations believe they have a mission to teach China’s youth the “correct attitude” toward love and marriage.

○ Scholars fear that a large population of single men could pose a threat to social stability.

Tens of thousands of singletons attend a blind dating event in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province on June 25. Photo: IC

Feeling lonely? If you’re among the 200 million young Chinese who haven’t gotten hitched yet, the Communist Youth League of China (CYLC) is now doing its best to find you a spouse.

In May, He Junke, a senior official with the CYLC Central Committee, said in a press conference that the CYLC is determined to solve the “marriage problem” and will help young people to develop a “correct attitude” toward love and marriage.

CYLC, a national youth movement run by the Communist Party of China, used to be a revolutionary organ, but now its role includes being a matchmaker.

Last month, the Zhejiang Province branch of the CYLC kicked off a huge blind date event, as part of the CYLC’s national initiative.

Over 10,000 people looking for love showed up, but only 2,000 got the chance to meet others in the main venue.

“We aim to combat the single population issue. There is a large demand for partners among young people. As we now live in a highly mobile society and as young people are delaying their entry into society, this generation faces more problems in finding lovers than those from the previous generation,” Wang Jun, an official with the Zhejiang CYLC, told the Global Times.

While many welcome the CYLC’s new role, some other questions whether it is intervening too much in people’s private lives.

A perfect match

Wang Lingwei, a 26-year-old singleton  from a university in East China’s Zhejiang Province, met 500 men at a CYLC event last month.

“Getting involved in such a large-scale blind dating event felt…

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