Second story of Bel Air’s Main Street Tower nears completion

A massive second story is being built on top of the Main Street Tower restaurant in downtown Bel Air, which will allow the restaurant to host events on its top level all year round.

“All the entertainment is going to be held up here, to make sure that our guests on the main floor, they’re not going to be disturbed by the entertainment, by the noise, by the football,” Renato Buontempo, owner of the Tower, said while giving a tour of the second story Saturday.

Buontempo plans a soft opening in mid-August, followed by a grand opening in the fall. Construction started Feb. 6, he said.

The Tower holds a number of off-site catering events, but the second story will allow Buontempo to hold many more caterings on site. The second story will also have space for live entertainment, a bar and restrooms.

He noted the Tower, which has been serving Sunday brunches for 10 years, will serve breakfast every day once the second story is finished.

“We will do breakfast, lunch, dinner, nightlife and catering,” Buontempo said.

The Tower, which is in the former home of Bel Air’s Red Fox restaurant at 29 S. Main St., is a popular downtown restaurant, bar and nightlife spot.

Buontempo, who is also the co-owner of the downtown Bel Air Buontempo Bros. pizza shop, has owned the Tower since it opened in 2002.

The restaurant operators put a tent over the building’s rooftop deck for special events, which allowed patrons to gather on the roof during cold or inclement weather, until stopped by the Town of Bel Air with an ordinance approved by the town commissioners in May of 2013.

The town ordinance prohibited the erection of temporary “cable-restrained, air-supported structures, temporary membrane-covered cable structures and temporary membrane-covered frame structures” on rooftops in accordance with state fire prevention codes, The Aegis reported in early 2014.

Buontempo noted Saturday that he was able to get town and…

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