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After months of feverish anticipation, rumours, and blurry leaked photos – the Samsung Galaxy S8 is finally here. And boy, was this phone worth the wait.

From the first time you pick it up, it’s clear the is something pretty special. It’s easily the best phone the Korean technology firm  has ever built.

But for everything it gets right, the Galaxy S8 is not without fault. has been carrying around the latest Galaxy smartphone for the past few weeks, here’s our full review.


The is certainly not flawless, but design is one area where it is nigh on impossible to fault this stellar new phone.

The Galaxy S8 has a stunning new industrial design that builds on the beautiful dual-curved display of their predecessor, and yet simultaneously, looks unlike anything we’ve ever seen from Samsung. Or anyone else, for that matter.

The eye-watering 5.8-inch AMOLED display on the Samsung Galaxy S8 bleeds to the very edge of the chassis, leaving just a wafer-thin bezel, and ensuring the physical footprint of the device remains manageable despite the mammoth screen.

calls its stunning new edge-to-edge design the Infinity Display – and it certainly lives up to the lofty title.

Picking up the Samsung Galaxy S8 for the first time, the phone feels like an illusion. A contradiction.


Samsung Galaxy S8 is easily the best smartphone money can buy, but it’s not faultless

The first thing you notice is the display – which feels enormous.

Place a Galaxy S8 besides the iPhone 7 Plus and the 5.8-inch Infinity Display dwarfs Apple’s already sizeable offering. But holding the latest Galaxy phone in your hand, it feels compact and more manageable than its Apple equivalent.

Samsung has pulled off a remarkable feat.

When Samsung first debuted its curved display technology with the Galaxy Note Edge, it was a useless gimmick. It’s amazing just how far the South Korean company has come – and what that gimmick has now allowed them to achieve.

It’s no exaggeration to say that after using the Galaxy S8 for a short while, every other phone looks outdated. If it achieves nothing else, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is clearly going to set the new standard for flagship smartphone design.

For years, Samsung desperately tried to recreate the iPhone design. With the Galaxy S8, the South Korean company has crafted something truly unique – that leaves the scrambling to catch-up with this new design standard.

To achieve its beautiful Infinity Display, Samsung was forced to ditch all physical and capacitive buttons from the front of the phone, replacing them with…

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