Ronaldinho X Globe Street Team (GST) Is Coming To China

Ronaldinho x GST

From the ” street lights to the spotlights” Sandra Kaminskaite

MGI Creative Director Sandra Kaminskaite gave a sneak preview of a project that MGI has been developing with footballer Ronaldinho over the last 12 months. The announcement was made in Changsha at the official press conference for the WFF (World Football Forum). The announcement was also made just before China’s World Cup qualifier match victory.

At the campaign preview, Sandra Kaminskaite began by telling Ronaldinho’s first brush with stardom thanks in part to street football: “Almost 30 years ago in Brazil, a boy caught the attention of local media when his team won a youth football game 23-0… He scored all 23 goals. Today we know him as RONALDINHO.”

She continued, “growing up in Brazil, his love for football began on the streets. Actually street football has served as vital roots for countless talented players that we see on the field today. Ronaldinho now looks to pay his respects to the sport that changed his future by bringing it to the mainstream. This is how Ronaldinho Globe Street Team was born”.


Brazilian football legend and ambassador of FC Barcelona, RONALDINHO is bringing this beautiful game to China’s backyard in a ONE OF A KIND football experience. Using Ronaldinho’s legendary football status, the GST campaign aims to ignite a passion for street football and unite football lovers across the Middle Kingdom with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that defies language, background, and socio-economic standing – a chance to kick, dribble, and score against the world’s finest footballers – PLAYED FROM THE STREETS UP.

“I want to bring back the beautiful game of football in a completely new way, while paying homage to the style and skills that were praised in the early days of the game”, says Ronaldinho.

China’s most talented players will be invited to put their skills to the test against legendary footballer Ronaldinho’s elite street football team in this global celebration of “The Beautiful Game’’.

“Unquestionably one of the most talented and creative players to ever hit the pitch, Ronaldinho brought the true beauty of football back into the game. The legacy he left behind still inspires people from all corners of the globe – from today’s pros to tomorrow’s superstars”, says Raphael Senden, RGST CEO and Asia representative of Ronaldinho’s management team.


A multicultural team has been carefully selected, to join him on a tour in which they will showcase thrilling performances and impressive entertainment, charming audiences around the world with their breath-taking skills and…

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