Reduce Clutter In Your Home With These Quick Organizing Ideas

Do you want to reduce clutter in your house in less than 10 minutes? It is much easier than you may think. Ok, now you need to have a laundry basket or a similar type of container on hand. Something that is lightweight, has handles and large enough to hold a bunch of stuff. I also find it handy to take along a small bag for trash, that you may encounter along the way.

Then start out by moving clockwise around the room, grab anything that does not belong there and throw it in the basket. At this point, you are not sorting items. You will have enough time to go through things, in a bit. Right now, you just need to remove any items that do not belong in that particular room of the house.

This gets rid of the majority of the clutter in just a couple of minutes. You will see an immediate improvement in the look of the room, just by taking this simple step. Also, is someone stops by your home, unannounced, you can just store the container in a nearby closet (just until your visitor leaves) until you can get back to it.

Then, take a few minutes to put away all the items that belong in that room. It is important to have a designated area chosen for everything. It is hard to place objects back, where they should be, when you do not know where that is. For instance, any toys should be placed back in the toy box. Jewelry should be put back into the jewelry box.

Leave any dirty laundry in the bottom of the basket for now. If you have things that belong in other rooms in the home, then take the basket along with you and go from room to room putting the items in rightful places. Make your last stop be the laundry room, where you can toss the dirty clothes in the washing machine. Quick, simple and easy.

Now with that being said, these tips are not meant to take the place of a proper cleaning. Of course, you should always make time to dust, vacuum, clean and sanitize your home. Otherwise, a messy room will be the least of your worries (ugh…critters galore). This is just meant to…

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