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Budget airlines continue to battle it out to offer the lowest fares on the market.

With flights to the US for under £200, it is a great time to travel around the world on a shoestring.

Yet one budget airline went as far as to suggest that flights could even be free in the future.

It certainly makes for an exciting prospect in light of the recent uncertainty surrounding travel post-Brexit.

WOW air’s CEO Skúli Mogensen told Telegraph Travel about their plans and how they keep prices low.

“I can see a day when we pay you to fly.

“If you come to us and trust us with your booking, we can see that your airfare is reduced to zero and even reward you for it.

“A lot of people now, both pre- and post-travel, share pictures with their friends. 

“If we do a good job and they spread the word, it is powerful customer feedback. As they are our advocate, they can be rewarded accordingly.”

WOW air has continued to offer low price flights along with other budget airlines.

Their recent flight offer includes flights from London to the US from just £139.99.

Budget airlines manage to keep flights low by charging for additional items such as seat reservations, baggage and onboard meals.

Mogensen stated: “Our goal, and we’re working hard towards it, is for our ancillary revenue to actually surpass our passenger revenue.

“What ever airline becomes the first to achieve this will be a game changer.”

However, many travellers may not be aware of the hidden costs and get stung by sky high fees.

Ryanair is known for offering cheap flights, as long as holidaymakers are happy to travel with just hand luggage.

However, they recently announced their plans to be much stricter with travellers luggage size after many of them disregard the size policy.

Anyone flying with them should take note that anything over 10kg and is more than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm, will be restricted from being taken onboard.

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