Pitt 4-H’ers win at regional shooting tournament

Several Pitt County 4-H’ers recently received honors in the Eastern 4-H Regional Shooting Sports Tournament in Columbia.

In the junior division, Pitt County Jr. Pirates Drew Allen, Matthew Daniel, Grayson Heath and ​Josh Weidner won silver in rifle-sporter and bronze in the shotgun team competitions. Matthew and Grayson, along with team members Jason Harrington and Jobey Modlin, won bronze in the junior rifle team division.

Matthew won eighth overall in individual junior rifle. Grayson received a bronze in junior rifle and a fifth-place overall individual award in shotgun competition and junior archery compound.

Farmville 4-H juniors Joshua Nash, Sarah Nash and Jackson O’Konek won bronze in the junior rifle-sporter team competition. Jackson won 11th overall in individual rifle-sporter competition.

In the senior division, Farmville​ ​4-H Seniors Alec​ ​Foster,​ ​David​ ​Kittrell and Jim Kittrell ​Jr. won gold awards in rifle-open site and archery compound hunter.

A team consisting of Jonathan Daniel, Kolson Fallin and Broughton Goodson won gold in archery compound match, silver in the archery compound hunter and bronze in rifle-telescopic. Jonathan, Kolson and Broughton, along with teammate Katherine Edward, also received a bronze award in small bore pistol competition.

Jonathan received a gold award in small bore pistol, silver in archery compound hunter and bronze in rifle-telescopic.

Kolson received a gold award in archery compound match, bronze awards in senior rifle-open site and in archery compound hunter and was seventh overall in small bore pistol.

David received a gold award in archery compound hunter, Alec Foster was 15th overall in small bore pistol, and Megan Maryott won seventh overall in rifle-telescopic and 15th overall in senior rifle-open site.

Several Pitt County shooters will go on to compete in the state 4-H Shooting Sports Tournament on Sept. 23 at Millstone 4-H Camp in Ellerbe.

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