Original Music, Artists Booked For Glastonbury Harvest Festival

The musical lineup for this year’s Glastonbury Apple Harvest Festival (Oct. 13 to 15) features a cross-section of singer-songwriters from across the Northeast, including Heather Maloney, Savannah King, Riley Pinkerton and Kate Callahan, according to entertainment director Chip McCabe.

As usual, McCabe wanted to book artists who write and perform their own music.

“This will be our fourth year with three stages of original music,” says McCabe. “Once this year is in the books we’ll have worked with more than 120 different musical acts in that time. There is no shortage of

amazing original music in and around our state. Sharing some of that amazing talent with our attendees every year to complement all the other great things the festival has to offer was and continues to be a no-brainer.”

Other notable acts — there are 29 (!) of them — include the Balkun Brothers, Canyon, UZOO, S.G. Carlson, Among the Acres and Jeff Przech & The Outfit.

The festival takes place at Riverfront Park (300 Welles St.) in Glastonbury. Over-21 attendees can listen to the performers while relaxing in the beer and wine garden. For all ages, in addition to the music, you’ll find rides, food, fireworks and more than 100 vendors.

Visit facebook.com/GlastonburyAppleHarvestFest for a complete schedule. Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect.

Oct. 13: Canyon, Savannah King, Audio Jane, Balkun Brothers.

Oct. 14: Quinn Harley, Matt Falkowski, Bop Tweedie, Among The Acres, Emily Victoria, Parker Hu, S.G. Carlson, Red No. 5, Andrew Biagiarelli, Rivers, Kate Callahan, Brian Dolzani, The Professors of Sweet Sweet Music, Frank Critelli, Jake Kulak & The Lowdown, Heather Maloney, UZOO, Riley Pinkerton.

Oct. 15: Chris Cavaliere, Fiction, American Elm, Jeff Przech & The Outfit, Belle of the Fall, Pat Stone & The Dirty Boots, Daphne Martin.

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