On the move: Farmington senior honored with Silver Sneakers award

Werner believes he can live past 100 years with daily exercise and a commitment to being active. Werner likes to workout alongside his Silver Sneakers buddies at Anytime Fitness in Farmington.

“My goal is to keep myself in good shape and live to be 105 years old,” Werner said.

The Silver Sneakers fitness program for older adults was founded by Mary Swanson in 1992 in Tempe, Ariz. Swanson’s father suffered a heart attack at 51 and she developed this program to ensure her father would lead a healthy, long life.

The Swanson award honors Silver Sneakers members who have improved their lives through fitness while inspiring and motivating others to improve their health and well-being.

Last week Werner received the 2017 Swanson Silver Sneakers award at a big bash at Anytime Fitness. He shared the celebration with family, staff and fellow Silver Sneakers exercise buddies, who all cheered loudly for him as a great person who serves as an inspiration on how to stay active in the golden years.

“Terry is so kind-hearted and was always doting on his wife and he is the sweetheart of the bunch,” said Sheri Speckan, a Silver Sneakers instructor and general manager at Anytime Fitness in Farmington. “In addition to being kind, he is very fun loving and it is not unusual for me to look back and see Terry just busting a groove when the spirit moves him — he cannot help himself and he never fails to put a smile on my face.”

A year ago in May, Werner’s wife, Janet, died a year ago in May. They were married 58 years. Life has been quiet and empty without his sweetheart, but he keeps busy and active and decides to put on his sneakers every day.

Besides exercising, Werner keeps socially active to maintain overall happiness and well-being.

“I try to go to dances at the American Legion Club in the Grumpy Old Men’s Club that meets on Thursdays for coffee and donuts in Apple Valley,” he said.

Werner looks forward to putting on his dancing shoes once a week when he attends dances in the area.


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