Newbee player Vasilii vows abstinence after saying “indulging in sensual pleasures” hurt his League of Legends performance

In one of the most puzzling excuses for poor play you’ll ever see, Newbee’s Li “Vasilii” Weijun spoke out on weibo to explain his current “situation” to fans.

The biggest obstacle hurting his performance? Sex, apparently.

According to Vasilii, he was benched out on his own request because of a cold, but he said having sex has since hurt his performance. He is working now to correct his situation so that the team can improve, and he has already “adjusted to abstinence.”

Vasilii is a somewhat controversial figure in Chinese esports after his run ins with equipment destruction on Vici Gaming and his LSPL team, IN Gaming. Newbee signed him before the League of Legends Pro League summer split, and he became the starting AD Carry during the cross-conference stage of the split. The roster changed to feature top laner Fan “Skye” Qifang, mid laner Shin “Coco” Jinyeong, Vasilii, and support Zhang “Mor” Hongwei. Following the change, Newbee embarked on a winning streak, taking down every team it faced for four weeks with the exception of EDward Gaming.

In Week 6, Vasilii disappeared from the roster, but Newbee continued to win. Many fans speculated that he was simply benched for performing poorly or because the anger issues he had on his previous teams re-emerged. In Week 8, however, Newbee had its first poor results since their roster change, losing to both last place Group B team Jing Dong and first place Group B team Oh My God.

After Newbee defeated LGD Gaming 2-0 without Vasilii on the team, fans assumed new starting AD carry, Lin “Lwx” Weixiang, would take Vasilii’s place permanently. In order to defend himself, Vasilii felt moved to post one of the most bizarre excuses yet seen in esports for his absence:

“Because I caught a cold before, I asked to be subbed out for the sake of the Club’s results,” he wrote. “The Club maintained its winning streak, so it…

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