New Ways To Get Taller: Deeper Breaths and Massage

There are many ways to get taller. Once you have decided that it is your goal to grow taller, you also need to know how to achieve that goal. That’s where the different methods and programs come in. Ultimately, you need to know what ways work and which ones don’t. Here are two new suggestions for you: deep breathing and massage. Deep breathing and massage can make your glands work more effectively and thus help in stimulating your hormones so that you can get taller faster.


How breathing deeply can make you grow taller:


Through proper breathing, you will supply your body with more oxygen. This means that you’ll also have more oxygen in your blood streams. Consequently, your blood will now be able to carry more nutrient matter and hormones to the different areas in your body. So, how do you perform deep breathing correctly? The basic steps are: inhaling through deep breaths, holding your breath, and then exhaling again. To breathe properly, you should inhale with your nose and exhale with your mouth in a slow and steady pace. A good time to implement this breathing technique is when you are performing your daily stretches.


Massaging as a way to get taller:


Massaging is a way to relax your body, which is beneficial to you in many ways. In respect to growing taller, you should focus on massaging certain reflex points. Reflex points are nerves in your body that in turn can stimulate certain body parts. Among these body parts are your glands which are responsible for releasing hormones. There is actually a special nerve that is connected to the pituitary gland. This gland is located at the base of your brain, somewhat close to the neck. If you massage the right reflex points, your pituitary gland is going to send signals to a different gland, the so-called thyroid (this one is found in your neck are as well), which in turn can stimulate the growth hormones to work accordingly. Do you see how all of this is connected?


There are two reflex points…

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