Neighbors to testify in Hancock Co. animal cruelty, neglect case –


Concerned residents in Hancock County are preparing to give eye-witness testimony about an animal cruelty and neglect case involving their neighbor, Bonnie Heffron. They say they’ve felt helpless for years as healthy animals arrived at the home, only to wither away due to malnutrition. 

“I have seen five horses come there in wonderful condition and slowly waste away until they were dead,” said Renee’ Cuevas, who has lived on Dogpatch Rd. for eight years. “My grand-daughter has seen dead horses. It upset her for weeks. Hopefully, the animals won’t be returned.”

Cuevas said she was overjoyed when animal control officers and volunteers removed 55 farm animals from Heffron’s home last week, including ducks, chickens, a pony, rabbits, turkeys, and cats.

“At times I stopped and threw hay in the field. It’s pitiful, there’s no grass on either one of fields.”

Cuevas said she’s gone as far as adopting a cat who wandered over from Heffron’s home.

“About a month ago, I saw the poor thing. It was a bag of bones, with barely any hair. There was no uglier cat in life, and I coaxed him over to my home, so I could feed him,” she noted.

Cuevas said she’s been back to check on the rescued animals at the Hancock County Animal Shelter several times.

“The horse they took Tuesday had been there eight months. That’s how long it took for him to go down. He was in perfect health before, and in this condition now in eight months,” Cuevas said. 

Meanwhile, shelter employees say the animals are eating well and adjusting to their new home.  Toni Pickering with the Hancock County Animal Shelter said a hearing for the animals’ owner is scheduled for the morning of July 21 at the Hancock County Justice Court. Cuevas said she’s planning to attend the hearing and address the court.

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