Mississippi shooting suspect led a life marked by violence

Willie Cory Godbolt, the man accused of killing a sheriff’s deputy and seven people he knew in rural Mississippi, has led a life marked by violence.

When Godbolt was 17, his mother shot and killed his father, a Brookhaven police officer, after the two had separated, Brookhaven Police Chief Bobby Bell said Tuesday. In the two decades since, Godbolt was charged with misdemeanor assault or similar crimes at least a dozen times, and convicted in at least six of them, Lincoln County court records show.

Last June, his wife accused him of choking and punching her, and putting his hand down her mouth so she couldn’t scream.

Investigators say his most violent act yet happened over the weekend when a domestic violence dispute spiraled into a killing spree that left eight people dead at three separate homes. He could face the death penalty if convicted.

About two decades ago, Godbolt’s mother accused his father of domestic violence but the charges were later dropped. In 1999, using her ex-husband’s police revolver, she shot him to death and pleaded guilty to manslaughter and burglary. She is no longer in prison.

Godbolt, shackled at his hands and feet, appeared in court briefly Tuesday afternoon and was denied bail. He was being held at the Copiah County jail.

He left armed…

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