Marie Harf: Trump was tone-deaf and rude in Europe, no wonder Merkel wants to go it alone

During his recent trip overseas, President Trump stood before dozens of Arab and Muslim leaders and announced: “Our friends will never question our support, and our enemies will never doubt our determination.”

Unfortunately, the president’s stated commitment to our allies was short-lived and selective.

Just a few days later, President Trump held a series of disastrous encounters with our NATO partners – nations who are among our closest and most important allies in the world – and left them with the impression that the United States could no longer be trusted to stand by their side in confronting shared threats like Russian aggression.

President Trump very noticeably declined to voice his support for NATO’s cornerstone principle of collective defense – a disturbing reminder of his campaign rhetoric calling NATO obsolete.

Republicans spent the last eight years slamming President Obama for what they said was a disregard for our allies, including in Europe.

Trump’s public remarks to the NATO leaders at a ceremony marking the terrorist attacks of 9/11 were tone-deaf and rude – a sharp contrast to the deference he showed in Saudi Arabia when he said, “We are not here to lecture.” He berated and lectured the European leaders, failing even to mention their countries’ significant military commitments and sacrifices in our war in Afghanistan.

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