Make Your Shop More Effective by Moving to Magento Multi-store

These days Magento is one of the most wide used shopping cart, which powers over 150 000 online stores. It’s reputation is explained by offered advantages including great customization opportunities, numerous templates, both free and paid versions, ability to use third party components, and so on. One more big benefit of Magento shopping cart is a chance to set up several web sites or shops within one cart installation. For example, you are selling apparel, but you have to divide it for three shops: men, women and kids clothes. Magento multi-store gives you  this possibility. Additionally, it provides the following abilities:


·manage several shops from one back office;


·set the various prices for the same items;


·use diverse themes for the shops;


·create storeviews for different languages


·set shop location, and so on.


Now, when you realize that multi-store is what you were searching for, its time for Magento migration.


As with ordinary shopping cart, it’s possible to migrate manually or using the help of freelancer. In a first situation, you’ll waste your time whereas in second occasion – funds.


Not very attractive options? Furthermore, you may deal with some troubles if you want to migrate from several source shops to multi-store.


There’s one solution, which will most likely help you to avoid those issues. This option is called Cart2Cart. With its help, your products, customers and orders will be moved accurately.  The  procedure is fully automated which saves your time and efforts while manual migration is complex and time-consuming. Comparing with pricey services of freelancer, while using Cart2Cart you pay only for the items which you actually migrate.


There may be two variants of transferring your information to Magento multi-store.


1.Possibility to migrate from one multi-store to another. In this situation migration is considered as a single one and you will have one source shop URL and one target store…

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