Major Link Soccer: Soccer world the latest to fall victim to fake news

After a circuitous journey back to MLS, former Colorado Rapid Deshorn Brown is taking full advantage of the Gold Cup break to get fully acquainted with his new club D.C. United.

This reaquaintance, combined with Nick Deleon coming back into the backfield fold, gives DC some-much needed reinforcements.

At his peak, Ronaldinho was as a cultural touchstone on par with Michael Jordan; much like Jordan, Ronaldinho’s shoes only further cement his legend.

Much like the Sounders current situation, Minnesota United remain hard at work in bringing together impact players during this transfer window.

Bob Wolff, the only sportcaster to call championships in all four North American professional sports leagues has ‘passed away at 96.

San Francisco is a complex market across a lot of industries, and two soccer clubs are using different philosophies to hopefully make headway there.

A fake version of The Local convinced the world that six Arab countries had demanded Qatar be stripped of the right to host the 2022 World Cup. Reuters picked up the story right away, but has now withdrawn the report after the editor of the actual site disavowed any connection.

Many clubs promote the idea of a structured dialogue, but Kevin Rye delves deeper into how those kind of conversations can go forward without a democratic element to it?

A prospective ownership group is already in place for an MLS Cincinnati bid; now they just need to convince the league to accept their current stadium situation, in addition to their proper bid.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic remains a showman, regardless of whether its the regular or off-season. The Zlatan is teasing English media that a “huge” announcement is coming soon.

These huge announcements have become a common theme across the world’s leagues, and Southampton FC’s social media team used this trend to win the internet…for at least one day.

Evidence is now stacking up that Jonathan Osorio may have violated a FIFA-imposed sanction against any…

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