Louisville teacher hired for Long John Silver’s campaign

LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) — Move over Captain Jack Sparrow, there’s a new pirate in town. Long John Silver’s hires a new face of the sea as part of its campaign for international Talk Like A Pirate Day and you likely wouldn’t recognize him before his transformation at his local, day job.

When he’s not calling orders out at sea, he’s Mr Price, the drama teacher at Lincoln Elementary Performing Arts School.

“People keep saying, ‘I saw you on a commercial as a pirate.’ That was me,” Jordan Price said.

Over the summer, Long John Silver’s approached Price to be a part of its ads.

“I wanted to do one a lot higher and up like up here. She was like no, ‘that’s too silly, Daddy.’ So, we ended with the low gruff stereotypical pirate voice.”

It’s ahead of international Talk Like A Pirate Day on September 19.

The new social media commercials ask people to talk like a pirate on Tuesday at participating locations for a deep fried twinkie.

“You’ve got to get the facial expression down because pirates have the ugliest, most snarly faces. So, you’ve got to have big eyes and you’ve got to snarl your lip up and think like Elvis,” Price said. “Once you do that, the voice just starts coming out.”

The lighthearted ads are also big exposure for the teacher and actor.

“When you’re thinking about something that’s on the internet, that literally millions of people can see, instantaneously, the feedback has been amazing. So, I’d probably say this has been the biggest thing I’ve ever done.”

Price’s performance has also earned him a spot on national television next week.

“To perform in front of that large of an audience is a dream. So, I am super excited to go to New York and super excited to make my home here proud as the pirate of Long John Silver’s.”

To watch the ads in their entirety, click here

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