Longmont encourages students and parents to walk, roll, bike or carpool to school

Traffic on Airport Road near Westview Middle School in Longmont on Aug. 11, 2017. (Matthew Jonas / Staff Photographer)

Alternative ways to get to school

• Walk, bike or roll. For younger kids, parents can organize a walking school bus or a bicycle train. Find a map of routes to elementary and middle schools here bit.ly/2vPv4uk

• Park the car at a nearby park or at a friend’s house and walk the remaining blocks to school to avoid the drop-off line.

• For older middle school or high school students, the RTD 300 series might be an option. Find schedules and locations here bit.ly/2hVMika

• Consider carpooling with friends and neighbors with kids at the same school

Come Tuesday morning, new notebooks will be shoved into new backpacks, cereal will be sleepily downed and forehead kisses from mom dutifully avoided.

It’s the first day back to school and Longmont wants to remind residents that the day means something else too — there will be a lot more cars on the streets.

“Whenever school starts, you can definitely feel it in the traffic citywide and not just at the school dropoffs and pickups,” Longmont transportation planner Phil Greenwald said. “Most people are adding at least one trip to their daily routine that they don’t necessarily make during the summer.”

Greenwald said that’s why the city is trying to remind parents and older students that there are more ways to get to school than taking a car trip and waiting in the dropoff/pickup line.

For instance, parents can walk or bike with their kids to school, eating breakfast, walking the dog or identifying plants along the way.

Or team up with other parents and children in…

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