Live-Action Winry Sheds New Light On Movie

While it seemed like something that would never happen, anime fans continue to inch closer to the day that Fullmetal Alchemist becomes a live-action movie. The classic shonen from Hiromu Arakawa is set to come to life, debuting in Japan on December 1, and the cast members are giving fans some hope that it will be a great adaptation.

Speaking with Anime! Anime!, actress Tsubasa Honda — who will be taking on the role of Winry Rockbell in the film — said that after re-reading the manga it is a story that can speak to everyone.

“It made me think, once again, that Fullmetal Alchemist is something that can definitely be enjoyed as a child, but then can be enjoyed again after becoming an adult,” Honda said. “The brotherly love is wonderful, and all of the characters, even the enemies, have fascinating sides to them and things that I love about them.”

If you are not familiar with Fullmetal Alchemist, then you have plenty of time to watch the anime before its live-action film arrives.

The series follows brothers Edward and Alphonse after their mother tragically passes. The duo attempt to use alchemy to resurrect her, but the attempt takes Edward’s arm and leg – and it takes Alphonse’s entire body. Determined to get their bodies restored, they try to become State Alchemists so they can find the location of a powerful item known as the Philosopher’s Stone. Their journey ultimately leads them into a seedy world of government corruption and mass genocide.

Fullmetal Alchemist received its first anime series in 2003 before an updated, canon-compliant show, was released in 2009.

Rie Kugimiya voices Alphonse in the anime and said that what she has seen of the film has been encouraging.

“When you see the footage, it looks incredibly real,” she said. “I thought it was probably very difficult to film, but I think that it’s become something that makes you keenly feel the love and effort that went into it,…

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