Little Free Libraries find new homes in Wilton parks

Pete Chamberlain’s family help fill the Little Free Library at Kineowatha Park in honor of Pete’s dedication to the community of Wilton.

WILTON – A village of tiny, colorful houses has landed in the parks of Wilton this summer, becoming home to a new community resource. The Little Free Library program is a world wide initiative that puts books in the hands of readers through a free, honor-based exchange system. Thanks to the work of the Wilton Free Public Library staff, volunteer community members and the inspiration of Pete Chamberlain, three new little libraries now exist in Kineowatha, Bass and Bishop Park.

The Little Free Library at Bass Park. The libraries were designed and constructed by volunteer Warren Scott.

“I’ve been fascinated by Little Free Libraries for about eight years now. When I started talking to Pete about them he got so excited and it occurred to all of us that we could actually make it happen,” WFPL Director Jen Scott said.

Scott became director of the library last fall, and has not wasted any time making the most of her position. Aside from being a driving force behind the Little Free Libraries, Scott and her team at WFPL have brought well known authors to the library, as well as outdoor music, local farm tours and various entertainment.

“We’ve definitely seen an increase in traffic. People are visiting who we don’t recognize, so that’s great,” Scott said.

For those who can’t make it into the library, the Little Free Libraries provide reading material in an ultra-accessible way. By partnering with the town’s Parks and Recreation Department, the staff at WFPL have not only brought books to the quiet, shady spaces of the parks, but have also strengthened the town’s network of resources. When there was a need of space for an additional day of the free lunch program, the library stepped up to offer it- exemplifying on a larger scale the the benefits of a give and take system.

The libraries are dedicated to the memory of Pete Chamberlain, who…

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