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SIOUX CITY | In order to make a good pizza, you need good dough.

That’s what Scott Salem, co-general manager of 1000 Degrees Neapolitan Pizzeria, told his employees a few days prior to the restaurant’s May 18 opening.

“The dough must be soft and airy,” he explained, “but it also has to have a good crust.”

For the past several weeks, Salem, along with his co-general manager Jesse Miller, had been holding a pizza-making boot camp at 1000 Degrees’ 1388 Hamilton Blvd., location.

Not only was it important to allow the hand-tossed dough to proof for 48 hours, it was equally important to have the freshest of ingredients.

After all, the 1000 Degrees — a 3-year-old New Jersey-based pizza chain — is known for featuring an incredible number of toppings.

“While we have more than 10 signature pizzas, we also offer unlimited toppings for one flat price whenever a customer wants to create his own pizza,” Salem said. “For instance, a customer can choose the size of crust as well as a sauce, cheese, meats and a pick of any veggies.”

“You can literally create a different pizza every time you walk into 1000 Degrees,” interjected Miller. 

Similar to a Subway or Chipotle restaurant, a 1000 Degrees customer will walk in and order through a build-your-own pizza type assembly line. The made-to-order pizzas are then cooked in a 1000-degree Neapolitan brick oven in just two minutes.

“That’s the key,” Miller said. “It may take a customer three minutes to personalize his order and another two minutes for the pizza to bake.”

“So, in a little more than five minutes, our customer will have a piping hot  pizza,” Salem added. “It’s as simple as that.”

Both Salem and Miller were formerly with Bev’s on the River. Looking for a new venture, they were drawn to 1000 Degrees, a growing franchise with locations in more 20 states.

“Since Sioux City’s 1000 Degrees is the…

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