Lebanon Democrat: Ann Haney: Savings with fast-food coupons

Many may not be aware of McDonald’s policy regarding competitor coupons. You may be thinking, “Is this really worth the extra effort?” It is if you love the Big Mac and have a coupon for a “free Whopper with purchase” from Burger King. 

At most McDonald’s, you will notice a sign on the door that says, “We accept our competitor’s coupons on any comparable McDonald’s item.” This means buy one, get one free on your dearly loved Big Mac if you have the above coupon from Burger King or a comparable coupon for a like sandwich from another restaurant. 

Unfortunately McDonald’s website does not give specifics on what they consider comparables, and this will usually be determined by your individual McDonald’s. However, in most cases, if you see the sign on the door, the policy is in effect at your McDonalds. Some of the best deals I have found are on the chicken sandwiches. Many are buy one, get one free, which make these around $2.50 each at McDonald’s when you use these coupons. It might be a good idea to keep your fast-food coupons in your car just in case you have to eat out on a limited budget. 

Here are just a few examples of comparable coupons that usually work at McDonald’s:


• Buy one, get one free original chicken sandwich equals buy one, get one free classic chicken sandwich.

• Free Whopper with purchase of another equals free Big Mac with purchase of another.

• Western bacon equals angus bacon and cheese.

• Free muffin sandwich with purchase of another equals free egg McMuffin with purchase of another.

Others to watch for are:

• $1.99 kid’s meals.

• $1 lattes.

• Bundle meal deals. For example, two Whoppers, two fries and two drinks for $7.99 equals the same deal, but just substitute a Big…

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